Having a Content Calendar Made This Blog Better

By December 23, 2016blog

One thing I learned over the course of the past month is how important a content calendar is, or rather, more loosely, a list of ideas to write about.

At the beginning of the month I was winging it. I knew what I wanted to write. I had a long list of topics I wanted to write about, but they were all at a very high level.

I felt the first pain from this method on day 5 wanting to write about implementing vision, but unable to clearly articulate what I wanted to say so I shifted to writing about habits instead, and I hadn’t fully thought through that as well so it came out as one of the weaker posts to date.

For me laying out the posts I’m going to write aligned with the day has been extremely helpful. Personally it has allowed me to break down posts into smaller chunks which has led to more focused posts. Plus, I look at it every day and this allows my mind to start working through what I want to write for each one as well as schedule any research I feel I need to do prior to writing.

If you’re tackling starting a blog, take a day a week and write out ideas and then break those down into dates for as often as you want to write.  It’s been a huge help to me.

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