Trepidation and Pushing Through

By December 14, 2016Uncategorized

My post yesterday on How To Define Your Product Vision took longer than most of my previous ones. I knew what I wanted to say and my personal process of focusing around a central goal in order to allow for clarity and more directed conversations but even so, I wanted to say a lot, make it concise, interesting and actionable.  That’s my goal with any instructional post I make and it was the first of it’s kind, so I had some trepidation.

A similar stall happened with the post I wrote on Habits. It was day 5 and I was stuck. I know it’s one of my weaker posts thus far. Not because the content isn’t valuable at a high level, but because it’s not directed or actionable enough. I decided for that day and for this mission of getting something out, it would have to do and I added a post to my content calendar focusing more on how to create better habits as well as a look at the book Hooked and how habits are associated with product development and viral loops in todays market.  So, through that painful, 2 hour back and forth about what to write and getting something up, just 5 days in to this experiment came some very positive learnings both about this exercise and the expansion of existing content.

In whatever you’re doing, be open to that learning.

I attended a webinar yesterday about goal setting led by Michael Hyatt. It was very high level, but the one thing that stuck out to me was a concept I’ve been trying to put into words and up to this point have been unable to. It’s been on the tip of my tongue.

Fear, uncertainty and doubt are three emotions that sneak up and keep you from moving forward for a variety of reasons, but in feeling those things as you’re doing something new and it means you’re probably on the right track. That is not to say that you should blindly go forward. You need to put systems in place to learn as you grow and adjust course, and the faster you can adjust the better the end outcome will be.  My post on Evolution was centered around that concept.

2016 was my best year yet in regards to goal setting.  I accomplished more and grew in both personal and professional capacities to a greater degree than ever before. Even so, I want to do even better in 2017 and that was the impetus for attending the webinar. I encourage you to do the same and keep learning and revisit those things that you already know really well from time to time. It’s likely you’ll pick up something new or a concept will spark a new idea off of old information.

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