Had a great meeting today with Phylly from Way Out Visual and I realized it’s already the twelfth and I haven’t let anyone know that this site exists…aside from word of mouth with friends. It’s been on my list, but I keep putting it off, day after day, with the priority being the writing. Well, that and the fact that then it would really be out there, rather than this pseudo corner of the internet thing I got going on.

So we discussed some strategies and she’s going to help me get out there starting tomorrow via social. On my own I’ll be writing a killer blog post and then following 0 to 100 in 3 days challenge from Pat Flynn. I’ll report back here, and share my learnings over the next few days.

It’s been a while since I’ve reported on the incremental improvements. If you look now you will find an About and Contact page. They should be chock full of…nothing, but they are there.  I’ve also changed the formatting and presets to make everything a little more presentable. I shifted from using the SumoMe pop-up to scroll box which asks users to join the newsletter when they scroll a certain percentage down the page.  One of my buddies was having issues where the pop-up wasn’t showing but his screen was being obfuscated with no way to exit out.

Till tomorrow.

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