31 Posts in December

By December 1, 2016starting, strategy

This is my first post.

This is the first post of 31 posts in December.  One a day.


Because this is the start, today is the start. And starting is the part a lot of people don’t do.

But the part that even more people fail to do is to keep going. Over the past few years I’ve learned a lesson that I wish I would have learned when I was much younger. More than anything, consistency delivers results. Diet, exercise, starting a business, following your dreams, or colonizing Mars. Do a little bit at a time, change your habits, create new ones, and those little things change your life.

I’m starting today and posting every day in December, because I know that will start the boulder rolling down the hill. Consistency turns into momentum and with momentum the things that were once hard just become what they are…the things you do.

What does all this have to do with building products or creating solid designs (oh is that what this blog is all about?), honestly it has everything to do with that and I hope over the next 30 days to tie it all together, but today is just the start.

I know (as of this writing anyway) that the site is a WordPress template, with no personal style or design, and I have no logo and there’s not even an About page up yet. I have no tracking, I have no traffic, and I have no intention of sending out an email and driving traffic today.  But tomorrow I hope to.  And that’s how I can start, right now.  That’s the tiny step I can make and the promise that I keep to myself (which I happen to be very good at, following through when I decide to do something), is that for the next 30 days I’ll keep posting, and sharing and building and we’ll see where I’m at come the new year. The only thing for sure is that it will be more than it is today.

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